ECB chairman Colin Graves to stand down


Colin Graves will end his five-year term as President of the ECB on August 31. Ian Watmore is admitted as successor after considering the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Football League.

This decision was confirmed by the Governing Board of the ECB after the decision to postpone the first season of the hundreds to 2021.

Graves, who was named president in May 2015, played a key role in creating the new competition and last year accepted an extension of his term until November 2020 to oversee his upcoming opening season from July 22 to August 14.

However, now that the Covid-19 epidemic will have to end all cricket matches in England and Wales by at least July 1, Graves has agreed to end his term earlier. While there is a lot to do in the meantime as English cricket grapples with the pandemic challenge, Graves will surely focus on his candidacy as the new ICC President, the election at the June General Assembly.

Commenting on his decision, Mr. Graves said: “With the inevitable launch of The Hundred in 2021, I was considering extending my term as President compared to last year and asked the Council to end early. August 31.

“It is important for both the game and the ECB management to allow Ian Watmore to start his role earlier than expected. I have no doubt that his rich experience in sports, business and government will be invaluable be when we get through this crisis.

“The way cricket has come together in recent and unimaginable times really encouraged me. There is still a long way to go, but I have great confidence in the excellent leadership of Tom Harrison, our management team and the Governing Council in their development. the focus of our response to COVID-19.

“It was a privilege to work with so many passionate people during the game who are motivated by their belief in the power of cricket to improve life and connect communities.

“There is still a lot to do in the coming months, as I will continue to run the ECB in this difficult time. When August approaches, I will be happy to say goodbye and wish everyone the luck I have worked with.”

Watmore’s term in office has yet to be approved by prime counties at the ECB’s Annual General Meeting in late May, but after a week Watmore received a vote of confidence from the board of directors regarding his behavior as President of the Football League.

According to a Daily Mail report, Watmore had been involved in discussions about a dissident league that could have jeopardized a £ 595 million broadcast contract with Sky Sports, the ECB’s main partner. The report also claimed that he had left his job, citing poor health, the week after the announcement of an independent investigation by the EFL.

However, the ECB confirmed that a review of his appointment by a subcommittee of directors, including Barry O’Brien, Katie Bickerstaffe and Martin Darlow, had shown no wrongdoing. The appointment process was also concluded to be “thorough and professional” and the Committee now considers the case to be closed.

Watmore’s appointment on Wednesday was unanimously approved by the Governing Board of the ECB, and the terms of office of colleagues Darlow and Lucy Pearson were also extended.


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