Mohammad Asif Says PCB Never Tried To Save Me


Former Pakistani Pacer Mohammad Asif said he was neither the first nor the last to handle spot fixing and should have been treated better by his country’s cricket council, which ” gave everyone but him a second chance. ” Asif was suspended for seven years due to his role in the 2010 spot-fixing scandal during his Pakistani tour of England, where he deliberately did not play bowls for money. He also served a prison sentence in Britain after being convicted with Mohammad Amir and Salman Butt.

Asif said he should have had a second chance like many others he did not name.

“Everyone makes mistakes and so do I. The players made plans before me and even after me. But those who work in front of me use PCBs and there are only a few who still play after me” , Asif told ESPNCricinfo.

“Everyone has had a second chance and there are few who have never received the same treatment (like me). PCB never tried to save me despite the fact that I am a bowling player who is raised by everyone in the world. was appreciated. ”

“But I don’t sit around meditating on the past or hanging up.”

Asif said he is proud of the achievements he has made during his limited career.

“As much as I have played in my career, I let it count, duniya hila ke rakh di thi (I shook the world). It is more important for me to think about it. Even today, so many years later, the best drummers in the world still remember me and they talk about me. ”

“Just think of the magnitude of my impact on the world. It makes me proud – there is a reason why KP, AB de Villiers and Hashim Amla say a lot about me. It makes me happy.”

The 37-year-old, who also failed a double test in 2006 and served a one-year ban, admitted he “should have done better off the pitch.”

“I had problems there. I want to send a message to the kids that your goal should be to do yourself and your team good when you cross the pitch.”

“I was selfish as a bowler because I wanted to take wickets and that should help the team win. Being selfish is not bad when you play your part for the team,” he said. .

Asif remembered the days when he spoke the ball and impressed players like Wasim Akram and Mudassar Naazar.

“I have proven myself not only once, but several times. I have released the same drummers more than once, and it is not as if I accidentally greeted a good delivery and did not had never done it again. ”

“With the ball in hand, I was in control. Moving the ball in and out was not unique. And I haven’t learned it in days. It took years and I worked very hard for it. ”

Asif did not appreciate the fact that Mohammed Amir retired from the Test Cricket at the age of 27, saying that he had disappointed PCB with his decision because the board had helped him a lot in his difficult times.

“I curse the circuit board for the way they saved his career. But it was his responsibility to help Pakistan play cricket in a difficult situation and he should have stayed, especially if they had helped him. his return.”

“… If they (the circuit board) had done the same to me, I would still be available for the next two years to save Pakistan from cricket. I know there are fitness standards, but I can find out and whatever is necessary, I can do. “


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